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Tom Warnders started making music in 2018 as Hipster Pug. Initially making downtempo, lo-fi and experimental albums and EP’s before evolving into a more Ambient, Neo-Classical style as he found a better fit for his writing.
He released his first major project “Neon Noir” in 2020. This was an album that was important to him, a more story driven instrumental album about overcoming your fears. Tom believes that if there’s one thing that’s important in making music it’s to tell a story.
Last year he took a short break but still released two songs including the haunting, cinematic soundscape “Siren," based on the legends from Greek mythology.
Now after making music for almost 5 years, he’s proud to be a part of the monochrome motif label and plans to bring you more great story based music beginning with his new EP “Nouveau Chapitre."


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